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mycon provides new cleaning systems for foundries

PowerMaster for cleaning core boxes – gentle, economical and extremely fast

PowerMaster can clean almost any material without roughening the surface.

mycon has now developed a special configuration of the PowerMaster device for the foundry sector, especially for cleaning core boxes, core hoods etc. Boasting a cleaning effect equivalent to water pressurised up to 1200 bar, the PowerMaster even cleans plastic surfaces gently, with no abrasion. Effective cleaning gets even encrusted vents working again. 

The PowerMaster/Mini PowerMaster can be used manually or – for large number of items – automatically using a robot or linear actuator. The operating costs for compressed air, blasting agent and water are around EUR 20-30 per hour, depending on the area output required. 15-30 kg of operating materials are used per hour, depending on the nozzle design. The water-soluble (and food-safe) operating material can be fed into the wastewater pipes directly or filtered. 

Cleaning finned heat exchangers with mycon's JetMaster+ cleaning system
With its JetMaster+ cleaning system, mycon offers a process for cleaning all types of finned heat exchangers. Even the toughest deposits can be removed, e.g. from spiral-finned tubes for cooling cupola furnaces, returning them almost to the efficiency of a new exchanger. 

mycon also offers both devices for hire. If you are interested in the heat exchanger cleaning service, mycon GmbH's sister company Kipp Umwelttechnik will be happy to provide a quote. 

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