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Nabertherm GmbH - Made in Germany

Made in Germany

With more than 300 employees around the world, Nabertherm has developed and produced industrial furnaces and laboratory furnaces for a variety of application areas for 60 years. 150,000 customers in 100 countries of the world document the company's success. Marketing organizations of many years' collaboration, or internal sales partners, in all important countries of the world guarantee individual customer service and advice on location. The entire fabrication of the furnaces takes place in Lilienthal near Bremen. Nabertherm will continue to expand the production location in Germany in the future.

Tempering furnaces

Nabertherm offers modular systems with flexible furnace designs for the solution annealing and heat treatment of aluminum components, but also for the tempering of steel parts. Depending on the product mix and load, customers can select from a wide range of ready-to-use solution alternatives and order a custom-built installation with adapted degree of automation. Increasingly, for reasons of power savings, the choice is batch solutions or semiautomated concepts.

For the ever more important and comprehensive documentation of the heat treatment process, including the assignment of all relevant batch data, the tempering installations are equipped with the Nabertherm Control Center (NCC) PC-based operating, visualization, and documentation system, which is a cost-effective and mature, tested interface between human and machine.

PLC-controlled crucible furnaces

For the melting and heat retention of NE metals, Nabertherm presents a new series of PLC-controlled crucible furnaces, outstanding for their advantages in freely selectable modes and setting a new industry standard. Whether fast premelting for time-saving operation with furnace interior regulation, or the precise control using a cascade in order to achieve consistent melt quality when keeping warm, the many options of the freely definable automatic operation cover all your needs.

The time-saving operation by personnel and the energy cost decreasing operation at reduced power within configurable temperature ranges provide the customers with significant advantages in international competition. The central operation and management of furnace groups or furnace installations consisting of several Nabertherm crucible furnaces can also be achieved using the tried and tested Nabertherm Control Center from a single point in the foundry.


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