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New binder systems from ASK Chemicals

Two new binder systems from ASK Chemicals underline the company’s guiding idea to combine ecology and economy in the foundry.

The new Cold-Box binder system ECOCURE® HC with high reactivity was developed for reduced emission and odour during core-making as well as pouring. In special cases, it allows for casting without previous application of core coatings or to work with an accordingly reduced layer thickness.

The inorganic and emission-free binder system INOTEC® shows maximum productivity and is especially suited for light-metal casting due to its excellent shake-out qualities. The system is of special advantage for permanent mould casting with a remarkably prolonged tool service life.

Five cooperating manufacturers - ASK Chemicals, AS LÜNGEN, WD-Giesserei-Technik, SKW Giesserei und Süd-Chemie Foundry-Additives - present their complete range of foundry products at GIFA 07 under the roof of Süd-Chemie AG (Munich): from core binders and coatings to sleeves and filters and from bentonite and additives to metallurgy for iron casting solutions.

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