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New Generation Molds Cooling House with Jackets at WESO Aurorahütte (Gladenbach, Germany)


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We are proud to announce that SAVELLI S.p.A. installed an important cooling extension with steel jackets to WESO Aurorahütte GmbH (Gladenbach, Germany).

WESO foundry is part of the Viessmann Group, worldwide Leader in the production of boilers and heating radiators.

The modernization of the existing Heinrich Wagner Sinto flask moulding line (1100x900x200/200mm, 180molds/hour) consists of:

    • a new Savelli moulds cooling house using cooling steel boxes for 3 hours and 36 minutes
    • a new punch out station
    • a new shake out
    • El-Mecs (electromechanical devices)
    • Magnetic separator for splash iron

General Layout

WESO technical staff was always convinced that the high quality castings require to be cooled in their moulds as longer as possible.

In front of the most important question (total in flask cooling or cooling in jackets) they didn’t hesitate at all: the in box cooling solution is the cheapest and the best one under every aspect (cost, flexibility and energy consumption). 

Why did WESO select SAVELLI? Because SAVELLI has an experienced of 35 years in the application of this technology; the SAVELLI reference list is quite long.

Weso new cooling house (216 minutes at 180 mph)

Cooling Simulation for Weso

New Cooling House at Weso

WESO Cooling House: 2 moulds in 1 steel jacket

The new installation was perfectly interfaced with the old one and to the shake out system. The new plant is operated by Savelli El-Mecs (electro-mechanical devices with brushless motors) to transport the moulds horizontally and vertically.

HWS in flask cooling by hydraulic devices at WESO

Savelli cooling house in boxes by El-Mecs

The supervision system developed by Savelli for the managing of the new cooling house is very detailed and it shows the general layout as the three-dimensional views of each part of the plant (drives and motors included).


General supervision page by Savelli

Supervision of a specific area of the cooling house

Punch out station

Control of the drives and motors

The cooling house has 6 different levels and a great flexibility; in fact the operator can control each mould and park it in the selected line according to the type of casting and the specific temperature.


Managing and parking system of the moulds

Temperature control

Savelli equipped also the existing flask moulding line with a special electric Magnet able to separate the splash iron on top of the mould immediately after the pouring line; in fact, these metallic parts normally go to the sand system and create problems to the belt conveyors or to the mixer as the other machines. 


Supervision of Weso magnet’s station for splash iron

Savelli Magnetic separator at Torbole, Italy

Besides a remarkably lower cost, the new generation “cooling house” with boxes, presents very important advantages:

    • No compromise between cooling time and cost is necessary; in fact 1 double cooling box manufactured with electro-welded plate, holds 2 sand parcels and therefore replaces 2 flask pairs and 2 heavy pallet cars.
    • Its speed is half than the moulding line, by moving 2 moulds simultaneously (meaning, less energy consumption since less weight is moved).
    • Faster cooling curve (estimated 15-20% better than the in flask cooling system).
    • The position of each mould can be checked through the supervision software, where the mould is automatically registered and numbered; the operator can therefore decide whether to punch the mould out previously or keep it parked on a level, depending on its castings-code, therefore having great flexibility.
    •  Practically no wearing of the cooling box since there is no friction (there is a space of approx. 20mm between the side of the mould and the cooling box’s sidewall).

Typical Savelli moulding line (1.400x900x600mm)
at EKU, Turkey   

Weso team together with the Savelli staff did a very good job in a really short time; in fact the order was placed to Savelli at the end of June 2008 and the new line started the production on the 16 of January 2009. We thank Mr. Heudlass, Mr. Kiel, Mr. Buesing and Mr. Bopper for the confidence in Savelli Company and Technology. A special thanks to Mr. Kremtz of WMA (Industrial Planning and Consulting).






New Senior Sales Manager from Italy: welcome Massimo!

We would like to give a warm welcome to Mr. Massimo Mariani (Florence, Italy) who after 30 years of experience in the Foundry World, chose to join our staff as our new Senior Sales Manager.

Thank you Massimo for the confidence in our company and its technologies.






New Service Manager from Germany: welcome Burkhard!

We would like to give a warm welcome to Mr. Burkhard Kaiser (Bad Laasphe, Germany),  who after 35 years of experience in foundry building yards, chose to join our staff as our new Service Manager.

Thank you Burkhard for the confidence in our company and technologies.





 Suppliers Profile:  SAVELLI S.p.A.

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