New: Low-Carbon Zinc now also as die casting alloy

The POWER-CAST GROUP is now using "Low-Carbon Zinc" in die casting, thus reducing the CO2 impact in the supply chain by 75%. Zinc die casting customers benefit from this twice: through a significantly better CO2 balance without additional costs. Our supplier is the first to produce a zinc die casting alloy with CO2 emissions of less than 1.4 kg CO2 per kilogram of zinc instead of the previous approx. 4.4 kg.

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The EU has set a target of zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.


Zinc will play a key role in this. Thanks to its special properties, it is now used in a wide range of applications, also needed for the production of renewable energy and to optimize the circular economy "Low Carbon-Zinc" to produce with a 75% reduction in CO2.  

POWER-CAST Drumeta, POWER-CAST Ortmann and POWER-CAST Ortmann s.r.o. (CZ) are among the first companies worldwide to be supplied by Boliden. "The use of low-carbon Norzak Z410 provides a clear improvement in our in-house carbon footprint. Equally, it creates the prerequisite for our customers to relieve their supply chains with the lowest possible CO2 emission levels," said Jochen Gerlach, Managing Director of the POWER-CAST Group. "This is particularly important in view of the Supply Chain Duty of Care Act, which will come into force next year and will apply throughout the EU from then on. Companies that are prepared for this future regulation will increasingly be able to secure economic advantages as a result."

Zinc die casting is an efficient production process for castings. Its properties, such as high strength, shielding against electromagnetic radiation or very good thermal conductivity, are what make the wide range of applications for zinc die castings possible. Using modern casting machines, filigree and extremely thin-walled parts with maximum dimensional accuracy and the best prerequisites for subsequent surface finishing are produced with low material input. At the end of the life cycle, zinc castings can be recycled completely and with virtually no losses.

Combining circular economy and sustainability with the efficiency of modern melting and casting equipment, the use of zinc die casting in the POWER-CAST GROUP with low-carbon Norzak 410 is unrivaled in terms of environmental friendliness.

In addition to the three zinc die casting companies POWER-CAST Drumeta, POWER-CAST Ortmann and POWER-CAST Ortmann s.r.o. (CZ), the POWER-CAST GROUP includes another 5 locations in Germany and Mexico. Distinct material competence for aluminum, magnesium and zinc die casting, as well as the close linkage of die casting and CNC machining characterize the group. All companies act as full-service suppliers, offering every step of the process from the development of a product through its manufacture to logistics and assembly services. Regionally oriented, long-standing and thus highly reliable supply chains ensure maximum security.

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