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New members for the Supervisory Board of Honsel AG

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As a consequence of the new capital and ownership structure of Honsel AG involving the transfer of 49 per cent of the company's stock to a consortium of lenders, a number of changes have also been made in the membership of the Supervisory Board.

The first meeting with the new members will be taking place today at the Honsel headquarters in Meschede. The committee’s three new members, whose appointment has been officially approved, are Mr. Eli Muraidekh and Mr. Lucien Orlovius, directors of Bluebay Asset Management and Dr. Karl Krause, Chief Executive Officer of Kiekert AG. They will represent the interests of the lenders’ consortium of creditors owning 49 per cent of the Honsel stock. Other members of the Supervisory Board are Anthony Barone and Thomas Stallkamp representing the main shareholder RHJ International S.A. The retiring members of the Board are Mr. Kevin Cramton (RHJI), Mr. Hans-Dieter Honsel (managing proprietor of Honsel Family Holdings) and Dr. André Richoz.

The employees are represented by Mr. Wolfgang Werth, who also exercises the function of Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Mr. Bernd Epping, both of IG Metall. For Honsel AG, Mr. Haydar Güven, Mr. Hellmuth Knauber, Mr. Roland Krollikowsky and Mr. Hans Ulrich Westig are also members of the committee. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Prof. Edward G. Krubasik.

About Honsel

Honsel is one of the world's leading producers of light-metal components with its primary focus on the automotive industry. The company develops and manufactures aluminium and magnesium products using the casting, extruding and rolling processes for engine, transmission, suspension and car body of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Additionally, the company supplies products for engineering and other applications. Components and solutions from Honsel reduce vehicle weight, fuel consumption and emissions, thus contributing to environmental protection. Founded in 1908, Honsel has become a development partner and systems supplier for the worldwide automotive industry and has facilities in Germany, France, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.


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