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New release agent ECOPART® 756

increases productivity in core manufacture

The use of specialty release agents designed for use in core and mold manufacturing can increase  product quality and productivity in foundries.  With the new release agent ECOPART®  756, which has been specially developed for use in gas curing processes, ASK Chemicals is providing another efficient element for this process.

The release agent ECOPART®  756, consisting of  specialty  silicones and additives dissolved in hydrocarbons, is suitable for all gas curing processes. However, the material’s efficiency is most noticeable in the cold box process.

This is particularly the case for the production of complicated cores whose contours tend towards strong application at the point of entry. ECOPART® 756 has been designed to greatly improve process efficiency.  For instance, the material’s special composition significantly reduces the amount of cleaning needed for the core boxes. In addition, the release agent has a long lifespan and therefore reduces frequent application cycles. It can be flexibly applied by brush, cloth or spraying device, depending on the equipment of the core-molding plant.

Production delays can be avoided due to an extremely short flash-off time. Consequentially, the core boxes are immediately available for further use. Through the combination of these advantages, ECOPART®  756 is proven to significantly increase productivity in core molding.

The new release agent also affects the surface quality of the cores, because the build-up of resin and sand – especially under the point of entry –  is significantly delayed, which optimizes the quality of the cast products.

The release agent was designed in the research and technology center of ASK Chemicals. Here, by combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience, and by engaging in a dialog with the customer, the research team develops new products and applications that are as innovative as they are efficient.

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