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New ThermDos Model Range will be continually built and distributed on full scale

ZPF Foundry4 GmbH Statement regarding Striko Westofen Group Press Release on December 5th, 2011

Counterstatement based on:
Bayerisches Pressegesetz
Bavarian Press Law
(BayPrG) In the version published from 19. April 2000

The entire new models of ThermDos dosing furnaces will continue to be built and distributed on a full scale. This includes model TD 550, TD 850, TD 1100, TD 1400, TD 1800, TD2450 and TD3150. The ZPF Foundry4 GmbH will acknowledge all orders without exception and will continue to produce and distribute all model series within the near future.

In the legal action that StrikoWestofen took against ZPF Foundry4 GmbH, the final outcome was made by the Frankfurt am Main District Court (AZ.:2-06 O 568/11). The current ban against ZPF Foundry GmbH forbids the production and distribution of an older model. The model in question has not been in the product range for a longer period of time already. In the past, only two furnaces in the so-called series would have been delivered. In this respect, this resolution has little effect on the operation of business and association.

The ZPF Foundry4 GmbH will now appeal against the final decision of the Frankfurt am Main District Court.

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