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ODLEWNIE POLSKIE S.A. in Starachowice – modernization of the molding line.

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In 2015, the HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO MASCHINENFABRIK GmbH company from Laasphe (Germany) in collaboration with a long-time trading partner - BITECH PRODUCENT URZĄDZEŃ I LINII TECHNOLOGICZNYCH Sp. z o.o. company from Bytom (Poland) executed a molding line modernization project: „Increasing the output and replacing of molding machine in an automatic molding line along with associated machines” in ODLEWNIE POLSKIE S.A. in Starachowice.

Execution of the project in ODLEWNIE POLSKIE S.A. occurred due to increasing the number of orders and therefore increasing the production on the molding line. The first work related to increasing the output on the molding line started after signing the contract, in February 2015. It was the result of several trilateral meetings where all details and issues related to the project  were clarified.

The next stage of work related to the modernization of the molding line was to make  a design, then select the appropriate elements to buy that meet all customer requirements and expectations. The final step was to manufacture all elements included in the technical documentation.

Technical documentation was created by a team of designers with many years of rich experience that had already made many perfect investments.

The work of designers of both companies was not only limited to work on their computers (using modern 3D modeling tools) but also to gather all the information and measurements on the site of investment.

Selected components that need to be purchased are delivered from proven and reliable suppliers with many years of experience in foundry industry.

The assembly process proceeded in several strictly defined stages. It can be divided into modernization of the electrical system, construction of the cooling house and the main assembly.


Modernization works in ODLEWNIE POLSKIE began at the end of September 2015 and were related to the reorganization and expansion of cable routes for the new devices designed by SINTO HWS engineers.

Construction of the new cable infrastructure was successful because the old molding line was working correctly until the stage of main assembly, which began on 19 November, 2015.


The next stage of works was construction of the cooling house. Due to the work of the molding line during the week, all modernization works had to be done only during the weekends. BITECH assembly team had to be fully mobilized and prepared to do assembly works during weekend in order to achieve the desired effect within the specified time schedule.

The goal of the cooling house is cooling of the castings within the specified time. This time mostly depends on the size and degree of complexity of their construction.

After deep analysis and findings of project teams of both companies, it was established that the cooling house consists of two levels, which improved the quality of castings. High cooling efficiency of the packets in the cooling house was achieved thanks to additional transfer truck, lifting station and smaller hydraulic transfer truck mounted in the inner part of the cooling house.


Once the above mentioned two stages of assembly were successfully completed the last stage started - main assembly stage.

The main assembly stage began after the complete shutdown of the molding line. This stage consisted in the delivery of all other elements from SINTO HWS and BITECH companies as well as the disassembly of old useless devices and molding line elements.

The disassembly process was done very quickly and efficiently, strictly according to the previously prepared assembly schedule.

The next days of the assembly works included the installation of the supporting structure of the molding machine and the "heart" of the entire system - SEIATSU molding machine „EFA-SD 4” with multi-ram press and turn table.

All equipment that cooperates with the molding machine was successively assembled on the molding line and all the people associated with the investment were interested in it and really impressed.

The following devices were mounted on the molding line:

  • Molding box pick-up and separating device together with moulding box unclamping device,
  • Lifting station on cooling house,
  • Electrical transfer trucks,
  • Automatic pattern change station together with inlet and outlet roller conveyor,
  • Pallet cars transfer truck.


In conclusion, increasing the output of the molding line, which was achieved by the installation of the new SEIATSU molding machine „EFA-SD 4”, the construction of 2-storey cooling house and the installation of new equipment was successfully completed.

All stages of the properly made project, disassembly, assembly and, finally, the commissioning of the new molding line in such a short time shows very well a professional and responsible realization of this pioneer investment in Poland.

Certificate of final acceptance was signed with a week in advance, which was the culmination of a very good cooperation between the investor - ODLEWNIE POLSKIE and Consortium of contractors of the investment - SINTO HWS and BITECH. 

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