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Olá in Querétaro!

Straight from the start – Santiago de Querétaro in Mexico is a great place.

Pleasant climate, great convention center, friendly people – it was a fantastic place for delegates, participants, students, exhibitors and visitors alike.

A dedicated organizational team was prepared to take on any challenge, readily available to help in any situation and offering the renowned Mexican hospitality. This was the perfect set-up for a great show.

The exhibition, XX. Fundiexpo, took place with approximately 400 supplier companies. With the attendance of around 6.400 visitors, most exhibitors were overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality of business. Fundiexpo is the largest trade show and exhibition for metal casting in Latin America, with exhibitors including metal casters, suppliers, designers and casting buyers. It was encouraging to see the hundreds of students who were visiting the workshops and speeches. Some exhibitors were eager to engage the young, Mexican foundry engineers for their companies in the USA and overseas due to their curiosity, diligence and enthusiasm to work in an old but not old-fashioned craft. They were all proud to be foundry men, happy to be able to visit this exhibition and excited to take a lot of new impressions and chances for their professional life in the future.

Mexico is well-known to be a market for big investments in the next years. The money will be put toward the renovation of foundry equipment and establishing new foundries, in order to build upon their leading position in Latin and Central America. This creates great opportunities for all market participants.

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