One Automaker's Demand For Increased Productivity in Die Casting: How QUINTOLUBRIC® Helped.

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In their die-casting operation, an automotive parts manufacturer was experiencing unacceptable amounts of downtime. High demands for performance and productivity were putting strains on equipment indicated by excessive pump and seal wear and poor component life. They began looking for a solution that would prolong their operating uptime.

After technical assessment of the operating conditions, product chemistry, equipment inefficiencies and performance expectations, Quaker Chemical (KWR) recommended a conversion from water glycol (HFC) fire resistant hydraulic fluid to a higher performance hydraulic fluid—QUINTOLUBRIC.®. Quaker's QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 series fire resistant hydraulic fluids (HFD) are synthetic fluids that are engineered to maximize the performance of equipment designed to operate with customary mineral oil technology.

When the conversion was complete, the operating results showed significant improvements. Pump wear was reduced by 91% and seal life increased by 250%. Based on actual pump wear measurements, pumps that may have run for two years on water glycol fluid would run for up to 10 years on Quaker's QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 series HFD fluids.  In addition, pump and motor noise was reduced and the time and resources required for fluid adjustments was eliminated.

Operating data show that in today's demanding operating environment for die casting—with higher pressure on productivity—the additional material cost of HFDs is no longer a factor. The additional benefits they provide by are proven to outweigh the increase of material costs over water gylcols.

QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 series products are specifically formulated to provide excellent biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity. These product attributes offer distinct advantages for applications where heightened environmental protection is required. The QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 series fire resistant hydraulic fluids (HFD) are approved by FM Global as a less hazardous hydraulic fluid.

Through advanced technical innovation, Quaker was the first company to offer HFD-U fluids in the 1970s and is the market leader offering this type of technology. For more information on Quaker Chemical and to learn how this technology can be employed to improve your efficiencies and lower fluid-related costs, please visit <link http: _blank external-link-new-window>

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