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OPEN HOUSE INVITATION - IDRA 27-30 November 2012

We are looking forward to meeting you at “Idra 2012 Open House” where we  can show you our latest innovative solutions !!



We are happy to invite you at our special event “Open House 2012”, which will be held on:

November 27, 28, 29, 30  2012 at Idra Travagliato, Via dei Metalli 2, Italy.

We will have the unique opportunty to show you our last recent innovative solutions such as the new OLS – C (compact) version which is as short as a toggle free machine, and our new injection system TCS, (Twin Control system) which  guarantees you a second phase speed over 10 m/sec.

Besides, you can see more than 12 assembled machines and cells in the final assembling and test phase, and talk with our engineers who will be proud to discuss with you any technical aspects that you like to deeper explore. From 560 ton up to 4.200 ton, which is our best success of this year. You will see three OL 4.200 S ton machines that will be dedicated to the production of large aluminium and magnesium structural parts, one of which is  “C” Compact version.

And our full range of hot chamber machine models !

It will the best occasion to celebrate with you our best year since 2000, and enjoy the good Italian wines !

I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

Best regards.
Riccardo Ferrario
Idra Group General Manager


In recent times Aluminium foundries continually face the growing demands for high integrity castings with improved metallurgical and structural features to cope with the use of aluminium alloys in new applications in the automotive industry.

Castings with high strength and mechanical characteristics which are not possible with the use of traditional diecasting techniques are more and more requested for safety reasons and manufacturing requirements.
Weight reduction is now a path that all OEM producers are following.
Idra has developed the NoX (No Oxide) range of die casting machines using high vacuum technology applied to the die and the sleeve chamber so as to avoid oxidation during the dosing of metal from the furnace. The technique also eliminates the entrapment of air and gasses in the casting generated from the die release agent applied to the die.

With NoX it is therefore possible to produce, at competitive prices, components with the correct metallurgical properties for T6 heat treatment using various alloys.

The NoX technology is particularly suitable for castings that require secondary welding processes and applications that require riveting or forming with plastic deformation.

Furthermore, in the field of high integrity casting technologies, the NoX process is especially recommended for thin-walled components applied to automotive structures, whereas for heavy thick-walled castings Idra suggests the use of SSR technology (Semi-Solid Rheocasting). SSR uses alloys with particular cooling characteristics allowing the coexistence of solid and liquid fractions. This technology allows the production of castings normally produced in low pressure or gravity casting, keeping the same costs and production rates achieved with diecasting. 

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IDRA, always focused on offering the best technical solutions for its customers, is happy to announce the new COMPACT VERSION of its product line OLS: the OLS-C.

“With OLS – C version we have made BINGO”, said Riccardo Ferrario – Idra Group General Manager with proud. “In fact our customer has now the possibility to select the machine that better fits its needs”. OLS –C is  a robust and reliable traditional machine with toggle closing group  but as short as a toggle free machine”.

Idra now offers OLS (traditional) , OLR (toggle free) and OLS –C (traditional compact). Floor space is precious and vital, and is one  of the most important factor for choosing a new die casting machine; very often our customers have to replace an old machine with a new one, and they would like to buy a more powerful machine that fits in the same space of the existing one, so that they can produces bigger parts.

“Make your own choice that better matches your desire”

Come to our Open House special event in November and you can “touch” on OL 4.200 S - C

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