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Rome, March 25,2017

The Same Age as the European Union

On behalf of Foundry-Planet Ltd. I personally would like to congratulate the European people, families, women, men, children, companies, institutions and also politics and politicians for EU´s 60th Anniversary today on March 25, 2017.

In spite of all the latest trends and weariness, the European Union has got a lot of reasons to celebrate.

In the world of foundry industries and metal castings, they are leading in technology, processes and efficiency. They benefit from global business and vice versa. CAEF and CEMAFON support the industry on different levels in Europe, amongst each other and overseas.

The European Union represents more than 500 million people in 28 countries, which deserve safety and prosperity. The last 60 years has not been a gift falling down from the sky, they have been the result of a fair and honest struggle for this fantastic continent.

I am enthusiastic for the European idea, the ideals, the different people, the global relationships, cultural particularities and the strength of our economy.

In short I am a real European, maybe the reason is that my 60th birthday is Europe`s 60th anniversary.

Good Luck Europe!

by Thomas Fritsch

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