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pour-tech AB takes an new automatic unheated pouring system into operation

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A specialist in implementation of modern, tailor-made solutions and for automatic pouring, the company pour-tech AB is your preferred partner for cost savings and innovative pouring solutions.

One example is the new automatic, unheated pouring system installed and commissioned by pour-tech AB in April 2012 at the polish company Odlewnie Polskie S.A. The picture shows the layout of the complete installation.

The total ladle capacity is 1.700kg.

The pouring system is equipped with 3D line laser technology for pouring control and the unit can be moved by electric drives in both the X and Y directions. The change of metal grade is fast and easy thanks to the hydraulic back tilt system.

The pouring system is serving a Loramendi vertical molding line, which is equipped with a flexible chamber size. In order to have the same pouring conditions, even when the mold height is changing, the pouring system comes with hydraulic legs to lift the entire pouring assembly in the Z direction.

The system can be charged with an overhead crane or forklift with the possibility to tilt the transfer ladle.

For any more technical or commercial information, please contact Mr. Oliver Schmitz.

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