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Preparations for EuroMold 2007 on the debit side

EuroMold takes place for the 14th time.

On December 5th, 2007, EuroMold, World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development takes place in Frankfurt / Main for the 14th time.

The preparations are on a high level now and one thing is certain by now: EuroMold 2007 will once again convince by innovative special themes and topics, brilliant working stands and inspiring novelties.


EuroMold with its unique exhibition concept „From Design to Prototyping to Series Production“ is not only interesting for german speaking exhibitors. In fact EuroMold is internationally renowned and appreciated in many countries. This year, DEMAT, the exhibition management, did achieve their high objectives once again.

Euromold 2006

Over 1600 exhibitors, two-thirds from Germany and 30 percent from abroad – this is a result which DEMAT can be proud of. There is international flair at EuroMold! Exhibitors from 42 different countries are coming to Frankfurt: they come from China, India, France, but also from the United States and Russia –and most of the exhibitors are not coming to EuroMold for the first time. DEMAT, exhibition management for EuroMold, also noticed the growing acceptance in the german industry. Compared to last year the number of exhibitors was increased about five percent.

Individual problems need individual solutions! To find these is the aim of the EuroMold thinking place. Exhibitors and visitors are able to place special themes or problems and invite other creative people to think them over and work out a concept. In the end all the creative people get a CD with the results. Everyone who wants to be successful for a long time, can´t stop thinking. Therefore every “Thinker” gets an entry-code for the EuroMold-Community, where the new strategies are polished up.


The Mold + Die Center points out how important ultimate perfection from the very first step of a production process to the very last step is.The elements, which belong to a special process, have to grab into each other like gearwheels, so a high-quality product can be produced. In the Mold + Die Center 24 exhibitors build a complete process chain with exalted automatic tools and machines. Each step of the process chain shows the unique concept of EuroMold „From Design to Prototyping to Series Production,“ so it can be captured step by step and detail by detail. In the Mold + Die manufacturing process the “coral” is produced – a multifunctional organizer for tidy desks.Another highlight at EuroMold 2007 is a special platform for Design-Talents. It should be a must for young, creative people who want to move off the beaten tracks, to show up at EuroMold. The World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development offers these young designers the opportunity to show and experience, why Germany is known as think tank and enables a dialogue with successful companies.


EuroMold, the slightly different fair, offers a great chance for young designers. No detours but the direct contact to the industry, so young designers will be able to develop a product out of a creative idea in cooperation with these companies.


EuroMold, World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development, introduces young engineers and successful companies at careers4engineers. On December 7 and 8,, 2007, students and graduates can strike up a conversation with experts at the careers4engineers recruiting place and inform themselves about options for their career in different companies. The dialogue between graduates and experienced engineers is helpful for both sides. On one hand for the companies, because they can recruite engaged young people and on the other hand for the young experts, because they gain insides and get some important information about the needed skills.


Future is now! According to this slogan there are some special themes and topics as an integral part of EuroMold, which set trends and give thought-provoking impulses.


1.) Simulation


Software for simulation and simulation suppliers optimises process chains. Ideas can be tested and besides the fact of massive cost-savings processes can be speeded up. Simulation creates planning reliability, because problems will be noticed before a process is implemented and the company depends on it. But simulation software and suppliers generate costs as well and that’s one reason for acting conservative. This is what the special feature show wants to solve. Experiences and problems will be discussed and applications drafted – so the first use of the respective software will be much more easier because of the special feature show. In the range of EuroMold there is also a workshop simulation, which takes place two times a day. There, interested visitors are allowed to test the simulation software free of charge.


2.) Virtual Reality


The first point of contact with simulation can be completed at the workshop virtual reality. There, virtual reality hard- und software on a low prize level will be presented to convince medium-sized businesses of the benefits the virtual product-development grantes. Virtual reality offers the chance to plan the development of a product from the first step, the idea, to the last step, until holding the product in hands, by means of the computer.


3.) Campus


The talk-about of tomorrow, will be presented today at EuroMold. Like in the years before universities will show innovative developments, creative approaches and new results of research with reference to the EuroMold process chain. Accordingly new findings can be wide spread and the academic youth is able to talk about practical appliance or needful change with experts.


4.) Moldmaking and Tooling


After suffering from time and costpressure as well as low prizes the Moldmaking and Tooling industry, one of the most important core-topics of EuroMold, shall now be strengthened. Under the motto „Host country Germany“ there will be a corporate stand, where Moldmaking and Tooling companies present themselves and their products. The special theme “Moldmaking and Tooling – global thinking, local acting“ shows new possibilities, niches as well as visions and points out the advantages of Germany as a place of business.


5.) Materials – Market of Possibilities


The idea of a new product always brings up the question, of what material it should be produced. There are some parameter, which must be kept in view. Standards of quality, or guidelines which potential customers might set, or technical, economical or ecological requirements for delivery. The special theme Materials offers a solid overview about different demands, which can be of vital importance.


The unique concept of EuroMold „From Design to Prototyping to Series Production“ combines different sectors and generates a efficient process chain. That’s why synergy effects are brought forward. The combination of different subranges shortens ways, let grows understanding for different needs and lets the idea of networking takes place in reality.

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