Procast Guss to Become a Full-Range Supplier

German foundry further expands market position / Integration of foundry business at Kiel location with own port / portfolio expanded horizontally and vertically

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The foundry company Procast Guss GmbH, headquartered in Gütersloh, is continuing its growth course at a fast pace. The Procast shareholder, the German investment company Private Assets AG, has signed an agreement with Caterpillar Castings for the purchase of the foundry facilities at the Kiel site. Private Assets AG has transferred the foundry division to the newly founded company "Procast Handform GmbH".

With the integration of Procast Handform GmbH including mechanical processing and hand moulding, Procast Guss expands its range of products both vertically and horizontally: "Horizontally, we will be able to offer significantly higher weight classes in raw castings in the future," says Florian Feddeck, Managing Partner of Procast Guss GmbH: "Procast Guss thus rises to become a full-range supplier and significantly expands its already strong market position." After the integration of Procast Handform, the Procast Group now employs almost 400 people.

On a vertical level, Procast Guss now offers its customers the complete mechanical processing of all parts "in-house". This includes, among other things, the machining of parts of up to 100 tons on portal milling machines. Feddeck added: "This means that Procast Guss can now supply finished parts and also further steps within the supply chain." Previously, Procast Guss could only offer a smaller portion of its machining in-house.

Beyond the portfolio expansion, the incorporation of Procast Handform GmbH offers other distinct advantages. In particular, the location of the site at a major European transport hub allows significantly improved raw material sourcing options. In addition, the site has its own port where entire shiploads of raw iron can be delivered. "In these times of uncertain supply chains, this is a decisive location advantage, Feddeck concludes.

In addition to Gütersloh and Kiel, Procast Guss GmbH has two other locations, Nortorf and Bad Saulgau. After the takeover in 2019, the Private Assets AG team fundamentally restructured the company and led it back onto the road to success.

About the Procast Group

The Procast Group is one of Europe's leading contracting foundries. As a full-range supplier, Procast can offer its customers all services: Construction, design, casting, machining, coating and assembly of cast iron components. Procast has a production capacity of 55,000 tonnes of cast products. Both standardised and newly developed cast-iron materials are used. Procast Guss's customers are active in the mechanical-engineering, commercial vehicle and toolmaking sectors. The company has 400 employees working at a total of four locations, and is domiciled in Gütersloh, Germany.