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Products of the future at EuroMold 2010

  • e-Production and Rapid Manufacturing in hall 11
  • Market volume of one billion Euro
  • EuroMold: the most important market place in Europe


With the special exhibition area “e-production for everyone” EuroMold takes into account the positive development and the enormous growth of additive technologies such as Rapid Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping.


In 2009, “e-production for everyone” celebrated its premiere and, through the display of innovative products, successfully established itself as a magnet for the audience. Additionally, EuroMold expands its position as the most important marketplace for additive technologies.



The special exhibition area „e-production for everyone“ in hall 11 gives a detailed insight into trends and future fields of application of additive technologies. Numerous market leaders from all over the world will showcase their innovations. Traditionally a great number of world debuts will be released.


In hall 11.1, Universities will present future products and innovative designs in the field of Rapid Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping. The design department of the University of Applied Science and Arts Hildesheim for instance, will present the first vehicle which was printed in one piece and is driven by a cordless screw driver. On December 3, the subject area will be supplemented by the 12th Annual International Wohlers Conference. In hall 11.0, the “Designbar” will give an introduction in the topic of additive technologies.


Field of application grows fast – factor of individualisation

The field of application of additive technologies grows fast and its importance increases in both, corporate and private life.  Major fields of application are medical products, niche products, design and e-products which are distributed through the internet.


Products of additive technologies are manufactured through applying thin coatings and layers. The application is possible in the whole process chain, including prototyping as well as small series production.


The great advantage of this technology is its flexibility and the boundless integration of individual product requirements. For example, individualised bicycle settles, climbing shoes and many more individualised products have been presented at EuroMold 2009.


The president and CEO of 3D Systems, Abe Reichental, projects a market potential of one billion Euro in the next 3 to 5 years. “Our production systems and materials are enabling the transformation to rapid manufacturing across a wide range of industries like healthcare and transportation.” Additionally, affordability and ease of use are beginning to intersect with intuitive content capture and creation tools so vital to the democratisation of 3D printers, said Reichental.


„12th Annual International Wohlers Conference“

The “12th Annual International Wohlers Conference” informs about latest trends and future developments.  Under the motto “The Business Impact of Additive Manufacturing”, the conference will take place on Friday, 3.12.2010 and discuss the latest developments of the sector in English language.


“This conference shows the tremendous opportunities for product development and manufacturing as well as the economic significance of additive technologies”, sais Chairman Terry Wohlers. “Attendees learn how Additive Manufacturing technology is presenting vast opportunities for product development and manufacturing around the world. The conference discoverers the business impact of Additive Manufacturing and how recent activities and trends are fostering ideas that were unthinkable in the past.”

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