†Prof. Dr. Eng. Józef Szczepan Suchy, of the Polish Foundrymen’s community, has passed away

Deeply grieved, we inform that on September 29th, Prof. Dr. Eng. Józef Szczepan Suchy, a respected and very active member of the Polish Foundrymen’s Association and the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations, passed away.


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The professor was the President of the Polish Foundrymen’s Association, Honorary President and the Chairman of the Organisational Committee of the 73rd World Foundry Congress. For many years, he was the Vice President of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations, and treasurer and former President of the World Foundry Organization. He was very meritorious for the Polish and international associations of founders, as well as for the AGH University of Science and Technology, being the Dean of the Faculty of Foundry Engineering and member of the AGH Senate.

The departure of Józef Szczepan Suchy is a great loss for both Polish and international foundry community.

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