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Purchase of Castings in China

How is the Chinese foundry market is structured, what features and standards need to be considered, and how will my firm find the right quality suppliers beginning from sourcing to signing of a contract.

These questions and many more are answered by China Consulting expert Birger Vinck in his intensive seminar, specifically for casting shopping in China. "The Chinese market is very complex, and that’s not only because of history rather the ever-changing framework in China", said Vinck in his recent seminar held in Munich.

A focal point of the foundry-related event was the sourcing and selection of appropriate suppliers based on entirely different demands involving investment casting, die casting machines, die casting, and manual casting.

The seminar represents a good representation of theory and practice, such as case study of a leading German automotive casting buyer, who was able to give practical insight and expressed the importance of good advice and preparation within this field.

Management Circle, with its motto "Education for the best," is one of the most prestigious and successful of it kind within the market, with top speakers such as Birger Vinck. Another seminar will be held concerning "Purchase of Castings in China."

Date: 6th.-7th of September 2012 in Frankfurt

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