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Pyrotek expands furnace building relationship with Touentsu

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Pyrotek Inc. has expanded its agreement with Japan-based Tounetsu Co. Ltd. to make and market its Tounetsu® line of furnaces to the low-pressure and high-pressure diecasting industry in North America.

In addition to manufacturing the holding furnaces in its world-class facility in Cortland, N.Y., Pyrotek provides local service and support for the products throughout North America.

“Tounetsu has over 2,000 of these furnaces globally,” says Scott Denning, Pyrotek’s General Manager of the U.S. and Mexico. “It’s relatively new to the U.S. but not to the world.”

The demand for lighter metal alloys, especially in the automotive industry, is partly driving the diecasting market to use more efficient furnaces that produce higher quality metals, he says. The Tounetsu furnace’s design minimizes the generation of oxides, improves energy efficiency and has a long service life. Its heat source is fully immersed in the molten metal, producing the high melt quality required to cast critical parts with complex features. Its design also is ideal for making larger, thin walled castings.

“It’s fairly new technology for North America,” Denning says. “Your heating system is underneath the metal. In a traditional furnace, you heat above and try to drive the heat down. In this newer way, the heat source being totally immersed, results in convection stirring, for better heat efficiency and distribution.”

Tounetsu’s advantages over conventional heating methods:

  • Reduced scrap from oxides and hard spots. The heat source is fully immersed in molten metal, minimizing oxides in the holding chamber. Convection effects in molten metal keep temperatures uniform, within 5°C.
  • Improved melt quality and reduced melt loss.
  • Reduced daily maintenance and furnace downtime.
  • Low energy costs.
  • Long furnace and liner life.
  • Pyrotek / Metaullics bonded particle filer (BPF®) is included.