Quality in stainless steel: Lohmann moulds its future with KÜNKEL WAGNER

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Friedr. Lohmann GmbH in Witten, Germany is a family-run business with more than 220 years history and already in its proud 7th generation. This supplier for special alloy and stainless steel products always sets highest quality standards. The only partner worth considering for the contract for a new automatic green sand moulding plant was a supplier standing for the same principles and values: KÜNKEL WAGNER.

The technical specifications were demanding: Frequent pattern changes, frequent changes in alloys to be cast and moreover, implementation into an existing building. The LOHMANN project team and KÜNKEL WAGNER engineers found the perfect solution: After the moulding, core setting and closing process the flasks are transferred to a multi-deck storage and retrieval system ensuring an intralogistic flask management subject to the requirements of the pouring station – finally, after expiry of the individual pouring time the flasks are returned to the punch-out station of the moulding plant.

KÜNKEL WAGNER has been able to present an ultra-modern and future-oriented solution fully meeting LOHMANN’s high demands and standards. The moulding plant, designed for a maximum capacity of 24 moulds/h, will be delivered and installed within this year. Both LOHMANN and KÜNKEL WAGNER traditionally focus on innovation, expertise and experience.