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Shake Champion SC 420 – The standard in decoring of castings

One of the innovative products for the foundry industry of the R. Scheuchl GmbH is the decoring machine Shake Champion SC 420. The SC 420 is suitable for decoring sand- and die- castings from one to 160kg. The maximum dimensions of work-pieces which can be decored are roughly 1.120mmx920mmx450mm (length x width x height).

The principle of the SC 420 is based on a high-frequency vertical oscillation with amplitudes up to 36mm. After fixing the casting in the clamping system, the casting is exposed to vertical oscillation. The broken sand core is dashed upward and down against the casting wall and thereby the sand is disintegrated effectively. The loose sand is ejected by the oscillation from the openings of the castings and discharged over the integrated sand conveyor system from the machine. Due to the high frequency combined with high swinging amplitude, the decoring time is minimized and the decoring is most effective.

In order to fix and protect the casting during the high speed oscillation a clamping device is used. The casting is put into the machine by manual handling or by an automatic handling system. The clamping device is casting specific and can be adapted simply to each casting.

The standard machine with integrated pneumatic clamping-device, sand-collecting and –transport and all necessary human protective devices is ready for operation shortly after delivery.

As a result of its simple and robust construction the SC 420 is easy to maintain. It also decreases the personnel and energy costs.

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