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Randshofer Leichtmetaltage: Mobility in Change

Claims om modern light-metal and light-weight construction

The claims on mobility concepts have grown: future automobiles have to be secure, non-polluting and cost-effective. It is clear, that there is no way to avoid weight reduction. Light-metal construction takes centre stage as leading power of mobility concepts.

In November 2010, the Ranshofen light-metal-days were taking place for the sixth time. This time as well, the attribute obtained to have premiere character on every lecture. Numerous companies from Austria, Germany and from the Switzerland were represented on the 6. Ranshofen light-metal days- where you can find a listing here.

In the admirable ambience of the emperor town Bad Ischl, fascinating discussion were hold about new challenges on the characteristics of materials, manufacturing- and moulding processes, as well as the coordination and arrangement of components.

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