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RAYTEQ LLC has officially announced the introduction of its unique DT Series of high-powered electric resistance melting furnaces which can be transported either by crane or forklift, and manually tilted to pour molten aluminum directly into molds, completely eliminating harmful molten metal transfers that can contaminate aluminum alloys.

The DT Series are full-power melting furnaces, not just heated transport ladles, which are capable of rapid production melting.  Each model is cable connected to its control cabinet in the melting/holding area and is designed for transport to degassing stations and the mold pouring area by a ceiling crane or forklift after disconnecting the quick-release cable connector. The DT Series furnaces are highly insulated for minimal temperature drop after power is disconnected.

These furnaces are rugged and built for many years of tough foundry service, and feature heavy duty 3 inch spherical bearings and solid steel crane lifting bails. The furnace shells are heavily reinforced with ship channels and belly-bands to prevent shell distortion during pouring, which, together with internal crucible supports at both top and bottom, virtually eliminate crucible and spout cracking during tilting. All DT Series furnaces are equipped with a robust cone-drive tilting gearbox with right-angle drive and a 30” chrome-plated hand wheel forward mounted for greater operator visibility of pouring operations.

Unique features include a power shut-off at the furnace to avoid arc damage to the cable connector, and an alarm that sounds at the furnace if it is lifted without disconnecting the power cable. A second alarm will sound at the control cabinet if the furnace is not reconnected to its cable within a preset time to avoid chilling or freezing metal in the furnace.

Rayteq DT Series electric melting furnaces are currently available in two sizes: The Model DT 300 holds 600 lbs. aluminum and can continuously melt 300 lbs. per hour. The Model DT-500 holds 1,500 lbs. and continuously melts 500 lbs. per hour.

The first DT Series furnace, the Model DT-300, was developed as a partnering effort between Rayteq engineers and foundry personnel at Edelbrock Aluminum Foundries, San Jacinto, California.  Many of the important features of this new furnace line were a direct result of this close collaboration. The first Model DT  500 was delivered to State Brass Foundry & Machine, Salt Lake City, Utah, for pouring large aluminum castings (see photos).  A major Midwestern foundry has designed its next plant expansion around Rayteq’s DT concept by ordering eight Model DT-500 furnaces.

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