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Iran - The sanctions could fall in 2016. Western nations are engaged in a battle for the best contacts. If the Islamic Republic become business partners again, no one will wants to miss the big business opportunities.

Presuming that the government in Tehran complies with the nuclear agreement as agreed in July 2015 in Vienna, Iran could be one of the most sought-after business partners by 2016. The Islamic Republic of Iran has a population of close to 80 million and is among the twenty largest countries in the world with a strong industrial base that not only offers oil and gas production but is interesting for automotive production. The society of Iran shows interest in education, ambition and goal orientated.

The race for the best business start-up requirements with Iran has already begun, although a number of specifics still to be clarified. The coordination between Americans and Europeans is just as sensitive as the relationship with Israel and the operational conditions for smooth trade and payment process.

As to how interesting Iran would be for foundry consultants and suppliers in the future, should the circumstances change, refer to the latest figures below:

Iran Foundry Industry Outlook 2015.PDF


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