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Reduce foundry maintenance costs with GK rotary drums.

There is nothing worse than having to refurbish a piece of equipment, especially when it comes to rotary shakeouts. Not only is it costly, but it is a very time consuming project, often shutting down the foundry for days. To make matters worse, existing rotary designs allow material to contact the drum body surface, which means you will eventually have to figure out how to get that large cylinder out and a replacement drum body into your already congested shakeout area.

General Kinematics has taken all these issues into consideration, and has designed the new DUCTA-SERIES™ line of rotary products to address these issues.

About the DUCTA-SERIES Liners

Lowered replacement liner costs. 

Anticipated liner replacement cost. With rolled plate for a wear liner rather than cast grid sections, savings are realized without a compromise of anticipated life of approximately 2-3 years.

Lowered liner installation costs. 

Liner is provided in 4 individual quadrant pieces.  Liners are held in place with clamp bars to the skin of the drum (shown below).  Each liner is inserted into the drum, clamped on one end, and drum is rotated 90 degrees for the next liner.  Dangerous installation and expanders are eliminated.  Expected installation requirements are limited to a 2 or 3 man crew with a forklift (and boom) and impact wrench for an expected changeout time of approximately one to two shifts, allowing replacement to take place over a weekend.

Elimination of individual wear plate replacement. 

With providing the liner in quadrants, there is no need to replace broken or damaged individual cast liners.  In competitive drums, removal of all plates and replacement is required.  With the General Kinematics Ducta-Series drums, should an area require repair, patch plates are easy to locate and weld in place directly to the liner.

No shell/skin replacement is required. 

By utilizing a lower conveyor for return of the fines rather than transferring between the shell and the liner, costly and timely skin/shell replacement is not required every 4-7 years of competitive products.  With preventative maintenance weekly checking of the clamp bars and fasteners will eliminate sand and metallics from wear to the outer body.

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