Reichmann bids farewell to Casting Finishing sales manager Karl Kustermann on his retirement

After more than 29 years with the company, Reichmann formally bid farewell to the long-serving Senior Design & Sales Manager for the Casting Finishing business unit as he entered the well deserved retirement. In a speech, the management thanked Karl Kustermann for his many years of loyalty and outstanding commitment to the company

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Since 1992, Karl Kustermann has been employed at Reichmann & Sohn GmbH, initially as a construction manager and later as a technical sales manager and authorized signatory for the Casting Finishing division. In close cooperation with the senior managing director Wolfgang Reichmann, he successfully expanded the Casting Finishing division globally over the years and shaped the development of the company. With his experience in grinding and cutting technology and his inventiveness, the graduate engineer was significantly involved in numerous technical developments. He also found innovative solutions for challenging customer requirements.

"Success doesn't come to those, who sit and wait". With these telling words, the former managing director Wolfgang Reichmann summed up the commitment and working method of Karl Kustermann and thanked him for his many years of employment in the company. The entire Reichmann team wishes him all the best, good health and satisfaction for the new phase of his life.

Rafael Dineiger takes over international sales
The new sales representative for the Casting Finishing division is Rafael Dineiger, Sales Manager International. The graduate engineer has many years of experience in sales and project business of capital goods in special machine construction (automation, robotics and machine tools). “I am looking forward to continuing and developing the existing product portfolio together with my colleagues. It is important to me to keep on satisfying long-standing customers in the future, as well as to meet the requirements of new partners,” says Rafael Dineiger. One focus will be on machine solutions for automated casting finishing and contour grinding.

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