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„Cut-to-Finish“ - precise cutting solutions for castings

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Removing risers and gates on iron, steel or investment castings precisely with only one separation cut – This enables the separation process „Cut-to-Finish“ by Reichmann. The manual, semi- or fully automatic cutting-off machines realize most accurate cutting results. A further grinding process often becomes obsolete.

Shortened processes due to „Cut-to-Finish“

Due to the high cutting performance of the Reichmann machines, risers and gates are cut-off precisely without causing process heat. Foundries benefit from ready-to-use castings directly out of the machine at constant quality level. This reduces the time effort and increases the productivity.

Great emphasis is put on humanisation and safety at Reichmann

The protection of the machine operator is an important issue for Reichmann. The cutting process takes place in a closed cabin and is controlled safely via remote control with joystick outside the plant. The user has a complete overview over the cutting process, but is separated and secured from vibration, flying sparks and noise pollution.

Cutting-off machines for individual customer requirements

In consultation with the customer, Reichmann searches for the individually suitable solution. For a Hungarian investment foundry, recently a semi-automatic Reichmann cutting-off machine TSF 500 M was delivered. The investment castings are manually loaded onto the machine carriage and will be mechanically clamped. An integrated laser projects the cutting line onto the casting and thus improves accuracy and speed of the settings. The machine reaches a cutting speed of up to 80 m/s and creates exact cutting results.

Global Player in fettling

Reichmann Casting Finishing is a worldwide leading machine manufacturer for automatic fettling solutions „made in Germany“. The extremely robust machines embody nearly 100 years of experience in cutting and grinding and are continuously further developed. Foundries from all over the world value the reliability and the productivity of the Reichmann machines, which achieve constantly top results.

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