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In this year's competition of the renowned American association SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) the Reis group with its system for direct extrusion of a hose seal won the first prize in the category process technologies.
Participating companies in the success are Reis Extrusion, Reis Robotics (USA) and Reis Robotics (Germany) realizing the international project involving worldwide leading process technology.

Flexible direct robot extrusion means:

  • Significant reduction of labor costs in comparison with the alternative TSR (EPDM) profile assembly, using glue or mechanic fixation means.
  • The extrusion of a solid profile or multiple chamber profile from Santoprene™ TPV onto different substrates is only possible in X-Y-Z direction.
  • No pre-treatment on PP substrates
  • High process flexibility and freedoms with the design due to the use of 6-axis robot systems
  • Fully-automatic process without rework
  • Almost no TPV waste since excess TPV is fed to the process again
  • Excellent dimension stability, compression set and surface quality
  • Good recyclability since it is one product family – PP substrate and TPV profile