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Report backs Bradken foundry expansion

<font size="2">A State Government report has backed a proposed expansion of the Bradken Foundry at Kilburn in Adelaide.</font>

<font size="2">It says environmental, social and economic impacts of the planned expansion are acceptable.</font>

<font size="2">The project has been opposed by some residents concerned about pollution.</font>

<font size="2">Bradken wants to triple output at the foundry's existing site, while the residents want operations moved further north to Wingfield.</font>

<font size="2">The business says its expansion will create hundreds of jobs.</font>

<font size="2">The State Government says the conditional approval for the expansion will mean reduced noise and increased air quality compared with the existing operation.</font>

<font size="2">It says the assessment has also found that the $40 million expansion will have economic benefits both locally and for the state.</font>

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<font size="2"><strong>Greens argue foundry should move</strong> </font>

<font size="2">SA Planning Minister Paul Holloway says opponents are wrong to suggest that the expanded foundry needs to be moved.</font>

<font size="2">"If the conditions are met by the company it should result in a net environmental benefit to the people of the area," he said.</font>

<font size="2">SA Greens MLC, Mark Parnell, is adamant that the foundry needs to relocate.</font>

<font size="2">"Here is an opportunity that we had to move this polluting foundry out of a residential area and into the cast metals precinct, a special area designed just for foundries," he said.</font>

<font size="2">He says Bradken should be given incentives to move. </font>

<font size="2">"The local council has promised them rate relief," he said.</font>

<font size="2">"There's other things we can do because this foundry would never have been approved if it was to be established today.</font>

<font size="2">"It breaches the planning scheme for the area and it breaches the EPA's own separation guidelines. It's far too close to houses."</font>

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