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Residue-free castings with MIRATEC TS from ASK Chemicals

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Top Surface Technology Increases OEM Supplier Excellence

As a partner to the automobile industry, foundries are under the pressure of ever increasing demands. An important component in the competitive environment is the casting of engine blocks with a minimum amount of coating residue. Coating residues in the cavities of the engines tend to clog the filters prematurely and endanger quality standards. For this reason, and to lengthen the service life of an engine, coating residue is limited to 300 mg per engine block.

Since it is impossible to shot-blast the fine geometries that are found in water jackets and oil galleries, high demands are made for the use of coatings to produce absolutely flawless castings with a minimum of coating residue. In difficult cases, even an investment must be made in a special washing machine in order to meet the demands OEMs are making, which increases costs for the foundry and reduces productivity. MIRATEC MB high-solids coatings based on alumina-silicate were specially developed for the significant reduction of shot-blasting time and to eliminate penetration and veining defects. Now, MIRATEC Top Surface Technology goes a step further. The innovative technology provides excellent anti-veining and anti-penetration features and also has special peel-off features. The formula makes the coating virtually peel away from the cast part after pouring, solidification and cool down. This makes it possible to meet the demands of OEMs without having to invest in additional equipment and accept losses in productivity.

Many foundries now use MIRATEC TS coatings to produce complex parts in the most cost-effective way possible. SEM investigations have proven the peel-off effect of MIRATEC TS. The pictures from the scanning electron microscope provide clear proof that the coating flakes off from the cast part, leaving a very clean and nearly residue-free surface.

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