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Review GIFA 2011 - Fondarex introduces new vacuum units

FondarexAt the International Foundry Trade Fair GIFA 2011 in Düsseldorf (Germany), the Swiss manufacturer and world market leader of vacuum systems, Fondarex SA, presented for the first time its new range of vacuum systems.

The visitors have been impressed. No wonder, the new mobile and peripheral units showed up visually with a new look and also have a technical point of many new features to offer.

The mobile units of the series HIGHVAC HIGHVAC PROGRESS® PREMIUM® are equipped with an independent measurement of channel A and B and an independent profile and pollution control. While producing, information of the extracted air volume and other important production data are immediately available. All necessary data will be recorded on an internal memory, USB stick or via Ethernet to a PC.

A specially developed, userfriendly software helps to operate easily.

Mobile vacuum systems are available with a tank capacity of 200, 500 and 800 liters.

In centralized systems, tank size and pumping capacity can be selected individually.

The HIGHVAC ECONOMY® vacuum system is the most cost-effective alternative compared to the systems HIGHVAC PREMIUM® and HIGHVAC PROGRESS®, using almost the same high quality components.

The HIGHVAC ECONOMY® has a single vacuum channel and is available either as a mobile unit with a tank of 170 liters or as a central vacuum unit.

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Fondarex SA is a leading supplier for "Vacuum moulding process", "Vacuum die casting machinery" and "Peripheral equipment and auxiliary materials for die casting". For further information and contact details click here: Fondarex SA
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