Rheinmetall wins new order worth around €300 million for exhaust gas recirculation modules, cementing its global lead in the emissions reduction market

In the highly competitive emissions reduction market, the tech enterprise Rheinmetall has won a new order, further solidifying its market lead.

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A well-known automaker has placed an order with Group subsidiary Pierburg for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) modules, with a lifetime value of around €300 million.
The order encompasses low- and high-pressure EGR modules. In the low-pressure loop, these are water-cooled poppet valves. In the high-pressure loop, EGR modules with two poppets valves were ordered. The systems consist of an aluminium housing and a bypass with a fully integrated water-cooling circuit. Production will start in August 2026. Part of the actuators will be produced at the Pierburg plant in Abadiano, Spain, with the company’s Berlin plant supplying the electric bypass actuators.

Exhaust gas recycling systems reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and lead to lower fuel consumption.  The components are compact, robust poppet and flap valves endowed with a long service life and high positioning precision.  In an era of increasingly strict emission control legislation in the USA but also in Asia and Europe, tailored Rheinmetall products offer long-term support.
A global presence and outstanding development expertise lets the Group provide optimum, customized support to multiple engine manufacturers in various parts of the world, helping them to meet the increasingly stringent emission laws for car and truck engines, which often vary from one global region to another. Winning this order reaffirms Rheinmetall’s strategic goal of maintaining its global market lead in the emissions reduction realm in the long term, firmly on the path to continued profitable growth. 

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