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Rösler on Grow Path

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The business news headlines on the German machine building and mechanical engineering industry promise a glowing future. The last time the industry sector saw similar growth rates was at the end of the fifties. Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH, too, has been benefiting from the strong economic development and is successfully adjusting its capacities to meet rising demand. The array of “puzzle pieces” Rösler worked on in the past few years, such as market-strategic and spatial expansion, the development of new machines with particular attention to individual special segments accompanied by the required internal restructuring measures have meanwhile been put together to form a well-positioned expansive “whole”.

Already in September 2007 new production areas covering 10,000 square metres, that also house the company-own steel production section, have officially been opened for operation. This is equivalent to an investment volume of € 10 million. This year production, in particular the production of shot blasting machines, and the number of staff will be increased to cater for growing demand. A further two new buildings with a total office space of 1,200 square metres and a 5,500 square-metre big hall will be completed in May. In 2008 Rösler is going to invest a total of € 6 million in new buildings and fol-low-up actions such as, e.g. putting another laser cutting unit and more machine tools into operation. Furthermore capacities at the Hausen site where abrasives are produced will be expanded. When the financial year ends on March 31st, the Rösler group will have increased their turnover from € 204 million to € 220 million - an increase of 7.9% - whereby the shot blasting section with a turnover plus of about 20% continues to grow disproportionately well. In order to make the expansion sustainable, Rösler has created more than 100 new jobs over the last twelve months.

By choosing Germany as its place of business Rösler in the long term intends to secure and further extend its market position as a manufacturer offering the widest and most diverse range of shot blasting and vibratory finishing machines.


One of three new extension buildings – sales/construction/service of shot blasting units; expected completion date: May 2008.



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