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Rösler RMBC 6.2 "Tandem"

Big performance in a small space

<font face="Arial" size="2"><br>During the development and implementation of a casting system for casting fittings, optimum sand removal and recycling was the main topic of discussion for a fittings manufacturer. Rösler engineers recommended a tandem tumblast batch solution, which offered high productivity in a relatively small space.</font>

<font face="Arial" size="2">In order to utilize the available space, a compact machine design was chosen which fits into the flow of the production line. The advantage of the batch process was that the components could remain in the shot blasting chamber for a longer time than in a continuous machine. In the case of sand removal, a longer blast cycle is required for optimum cleaning. The accumulation of parts into batches was solved by vibratory hoppers with a capacity of up to 400 litres. The engineers paid special attention to the tumblast system and the loading conveyors. The high part temperature, the different geometries, the different parts sizes,&nbsp; and the different part weights, required utilisation of a steel belt. The loading conveyors were equipped with felt-like, heat resistant conveyor belts.</font><font face="Arial" size="2">&nbsp;</font> 

<font face="Arial" size="2">The sand removal process required another special system feature. In order to remove sand continuously, quickly, and completely from the shot blasting system and to recycle it after cleaning, each machine was fitted with a double magnetic separator, a double cascade air flow separator and an impact pre-cleaner. There are many special features that make the RMBC ideal for sand casting foundries. The multitude of technical details and our focus on automating the complete shot blasting process are what makes Rösler shot blasting solutions the best choice.</font>


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