Despite the economic crisis

RUF Maschinenbau generated record figures in 2022

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Corona and the war against Ukraine are putting pressure on thethe global economy. The Bavarian company Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG is nevertheless growing and even achieving record sales.The past few years have not been easy ones for many companies.The briquetting plant manufacturer RUF also had to cope with various effects of Corona - such as a reluctance to invest andand supply problems. The war in Ukraine then aggravated thethe shortage of steel and electronic components.

Nevertheless, 2022 ultimately turned out to be a record year for Ruf Maschinenbau -both in terms of the number of briquetting systems sold and in turnover. Not only the headquarters in the Bavarian town of Zaisertshofen did well also the subsidiaries in thein the USA, Slovenia, Great Britain and Denmark  achieved very good.

They are well prepared for the current year 2023 with high incoming andwell-equipped for the current year 2023 with high order intake figures.There are several reasons for this success. For example, the large wood and energy sector has a lot to do with sustainability and saving fossil energy. Wood-processing companies increasingly recognize wood residues as a valuable raw material, for which additional income can be generated. Sustainability also plays an important role in the metal sector.

Here the extremely high fluctuations in the price of steel are supporting the awareness that the briquetting of own metal chips in the sense of a economy conserves existing resources and contributes to stabilization. However, the high level of incoming orders alone is no guarantee of high sales.

The lack of components and the difficulty of calculating material and energy prices do not make implementation easy. As a family-run business, the owners and managing directors of Ruf Maschinenbau have always been thinking in the medium and long term. This is another factor in the company's success.

This means that the generous storage of semi-finished products and other components makes it easier to balance out fluctuations in delivery and price fluctuations and to remain able to deliver. Equally important: thanks to large PV systems that cover all the buildings in Zaisertshofen, together with a   combined heat and power unit, the central RUF site is independent of energy requirements of fossil fuels.

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