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RUS - UC Rusal to invest EUR 4 million in aluminium powder production

UC Rusal announced a plan to modernize the SUAL-Powder Metallurgy (Shelekhov, Russia) plant. The total project investment is estimated to be EUR 4 million.

The plant is acquiring a classifier mill. The installation of the new equipment will result in an increase in production capacity of ultra-high quality aluminium powders by 30%. This material is used in construction, in particular in the production of autoclave aerocrete.

The installation of the new Alpine equipment at SUAL-Powder Metallurgy is part of a broader modernization of the aluminium powder production project.

As of today, assembly works are being carried out at the plant, scheduled to complete in January 2014. The new equipment will run at full capacity in August 2014.

Russia and CIS aerocrete industry, the world’s fastest growing aerocrete market, is the key consumer of new aluminium powder to be produced by SUAL-Power Metallurgy. The consumption of aluminium-based gassing agents has been growing by 8-12% annually with an increasing demand for high quality agents.

With consumption volumes up to 12,000 tonnes, RUSAL’s market share will reach 60%.

Mr Alexey Arnautov director of Aluminium Division West said that “The introduction of a wide range of water-retention powders and pastes will enhance our position within the market. The new classifier mill will not only improve the quality of our products and process safety significantly, but also increase the plant’s monthly production capacity of new, different in terms of particle composition aluminium powders used in aerocrete productioby by 120 tonnes.”


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