Russian edition of the book “Extrustion”

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Alusil is preparing the publication of the Russian version of its second, revised edition of the book “Extrusion” by M. Bauser, G. Sauer, K. Siegert, which was released in German by Aluminium Verlag in 2001. In 2006, the English edition was published by ASM International Verlag. The Russian edition has materialised thanks to the financial support of Alu-Scout ®, the international information platform for enterprises in the aluminium industry. The release of this book in Russian borders on a miracle, for the road towards this goal was long and arduous. Finally, however, this reference work, which is traded as a bible among expert circles in the extrusion industry, is now available to the Russian speaking professional audience.

<link http: _blank external-link-new-window>The book was published for the first time in 1976 by Kurt Laue and Helmut Stenger. According to head editor of “Light Metal Age”, Joseph C. Benedyk, the mere mention of these two men’s names stood as a guarantee for competence of the highest level – such was the respect and acknowledgement the two enjoyed for their unique and comprehensive work. In the west, the book quite simply served as the reference work par excellence and was to be found on every desk. Everybody who wished to learn something about extrusion could not do otherwise but wade through this book. And yet, during all these years it was barely accessible to Russian readers. At the beginning of the 21st century, it became necessary to enhance and revive the book and to refresh it in such a way that it meets the demands of our time.

The authors of this second, revised edition have accomplished their task masterfully without altering the work’s form or structure. The book’s distinctive reference to actuality is ensured by over 500 expert contributions, which were drafted by specialists from the largest corporations and scientists from numerous technical universities. A further peculiarity of the book deserving of particularly positive mention is its comprehensive bibliography. After each section, information with respect to further reading is provided. The Russian version will additionally list the technical literature which has been published in Russian.

As a matter of course, this book belongs into every technical library. For engineers and everybody else who work in the field of extruding this new edition will equally become a must as the original from the year 1976. The translation of the book will live up to the readers’ high expectations that it should make its contribution to the further development of extrusion, specifically in the processing of aluminium, steel, copper, titan, magnesium and other metals.

The book aims to address a broad professional audience: students, engineers, designers, operating engineers and scientific assistants in the domains of engineering and plant construction, aerospace engineering, and in the automobile and construction industries.

The opinions of leading experts in the area of extrusion:    

“Knowledge plays an important part in the modern world of extrusion. It is crucial that this knowledge is not only reserved to scientists and engineers but becomes accessible to the management of the extrusion industry. To me personally, as a scientist, the following chapters appear to be of particular importance: Basis of the elementary theory of working, calculation of criteria for the manufacturing of extrusion profiles and pipes, fundamentals of metallurgy, tools for extrusion, equipment for direct and/or indirect cold and/or warm extrusion procedures, the compilation of materials.The information which is included in these chapters will serve to expand the knowledge and spheres of competences of skilled workers employed in the extrusion industry. Overall, one can say that the book will without doubt become the reference work on extrusion and on top of that will have a revolutionising effect on the development in all fields of this important industry: on research, education, the economy, project planning. But also the adjoining industries and of course consumers will benefit from it.”(B. L. Berezhnoj, Dr. Ing., scientific head of the extrusion and plastic working - ОАО «ВИЛС», Russia)“I can thoroughly recommend this book to anybody involved in metal extrusion today. It is unique as a reference book as it covers in some detail all the metallurgical and engineering aspects of the extrusion process for all the metals extruded today.” (Dr. Alan Castle Service Extrusion Consultants, United Kingdom).“Yes I am really convinced that this book is extremely wealthy for all people working in the field of extrusion and tool metallurgy because it brings together the complete stream of knowledge in this field. If you will not find the answer to a special question, you will find similar samples and name and address of people or companies which are dealing in this field, which you may contact We used this book to donate it to young engineers or students or newcomers in the extrusion business and had a very positive response. Especially because this kind of book was presented about 25 years ago in the first and only existing version .Now we have an updated version and are close to the reality of today’s technology.Unfortunately this book existed over years only in a German version, since last year it is available as well in English and it is perfect if you will translate it into the Russian version.”

Alu-Scout ® to a certain extent emerged from an aluminium extrusion company. The Guilini family, the investor of Alu-Scout ® started operations of one of Europe’s first extrusion plants in 1918, in Münchenstein, Switzerland. In our blood runs aluminium, we have been part of it from the very start. To have the opportunity to pass on this large knowledge which developed with the help of our company is a great honour for us. This book represents the most comprehensive compendium ever on the topic of extrusion.

Comprehensive, because it includes not only a description of the particular techniques but also their application in individual materials – from lead to titan, everything is explained in meticulous detail, including special forms of every conceivable kind. The book was written by universally acknowledged and – which is especially important – experienced professionals, hence by practitioners who work with extrusion techniques on a daily basis. One also finds in it solutions to more difficult and rare questions, for nearly every eventuality was thought of in this book.

The publication of this monumental work in Russia could play an important role in the future development of the Russian market. The knowledge contained in it will enable Russian companies to become acquainted with the high standard of technology “Made in Germany”, let alone students who will resort to the reference work. On today’s global marketplace, such a high standard is especially important. It is going to be interesting to see what will happen once Russia’s famous inventive talent unites with this know-how.”<link http: en perl enc _blank external-link-new-window>