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From now on you can order the newly developed Alu die casting alloy MAXXALLOY®–Ultra© from SAG Aluminium Lend

Maximum yield strength without heat treatment? Die casting parts with the properties of forged components? You can achieve these goals with the newly developed aluminium die casting alloy MAXXALLOY®-Ultra©

- Ideal for maximum mechanical loads

- Optimal yield strength already after casting

The mechanical properties of MAXXALLOY®–Ultra© depend on the wall thickness of the cast part. Strength and ductile yield decline with increasing wall thickness, making the alloy best suited for manufacture of highly stressed casting parts.

The following table offers an overview:

Wall Thickness mm

0.2% Yield Strength
Rp 0.2 [N/mm²]

Tensile Strength
Rm [N/mm²]

Ductile Yield
A 5 [%]

Brinell Hardness
HB 5/250

2 – 4



9 – 12

95 – 110

4 – 6



14 - 16

90 - 100

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You want to know more about MAXXALLOY® ULTRA©? We have the answer.
Please contact Mr Gerhard Salzmann, tel. +43(0)6416 6500 233, e-mail: Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden einer E-Mailgerhard.salzmann(at)sag.at

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