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Masterclass proves a major success

Salvo Global hosted, from 19th to 20st January 2009, its two-day workshop on ADVANCED COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGIES IN INDUSTRIAL FURNACES. The event was held at Crown Plaza Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and welcomed more than 20 delegates across South East of Asia. The workshop highlighted the understanding of combustion and pollutant formation processes and aimed at giving attendees the skills and knowledge on how fuel properties, operating conditions, and furnace design impact environmental and operational performance such as NOx emissions and fouling and slagging. The workshop speaker, a professional engineer with over 40 years experience in the field of combustion technologies, guided the participants through processes and tools that:

  • Increased their knowledge of combustion;
  • Substantially reduced the release of greenhouse gases; and
  • Improved the efficiency of combustion-based power generation.
  • Emphasized on energy saving.

Salvo’s ADVANCED COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGIES IN INDUSTRIAL FURNACES Masterclasswas hosted in response to popular demand from our customers, and the delegates gained useful, practical, and concrete knowledge on the topic. Due to the success of this event, Salvo will continue to plan for future workshops on this topic in 2009.


About the Company:

Salvo Global provides cutting edge business knowledge and strategic networking through events like training and conferences. We organize mainly public corporate event, the attendees are generally senior decision-maker (C-Level, Directors, GMs, Senior Managers, etc) from the larger companies (MNCs or local companies) in the Asia Pacific.


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