Sandmann: Successful pitch for KÜNKEL WAGNER

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KÜNKEL WAGNER has won the international bidding process for the supply of an automatic moulding plant for the production of crankshafts and chassis components in nodular and grey cast iron to Shanghai Foundry Co., Ltd., being a specialized automotive foundry with an excellent reputation for advanced science, technology and growth. The KÜNKEL WAGNER moulding plant is designed for a flask size of 1000 x 800 x 270/270 mm and a capacity of 120 moulds/h and will be manufactured a delivered within the year. 

The layout provides for separate cope and drag core setting lines and four parallel in-flask cooling lines. The moulding machine is equipped with AIRPRESSplus as well as with TWINPRESS pre-compaction systems.

This visionary and trend-setting moulding plant will allow SANDMANN to meet future challenges in helping their customers achieve their business goals. “We have won against many competitors. I consider the awarding of the contract to KÜNKEL WAGNER as a recognition and honour of the technological competence of our products and employees”, proudly states Dipl.-Ing. Frank Iburg, the managing director of KÜNKEL WAGNER. He expects this to act as a positive signal to prospective customers who attach a special importance to “Made in Germany”.