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SCHÄFER Chemische Fabrik GmbH - CILLOLIN-Automate

The CILLOLIN-automate, also called “coating-automate“, is a highly engineered device for the production of ready-for-use coatings in the gravity die casting and for those areas where sprayable coatings are used.

The CILLOLIN-automate mixes the required quantity of concentrate and water for the spraying gun at a touch of a button. For this process a pump is transporting the coating concentrate out of a bucket into a mixing container. Additionally the corresponding quantity of water is being pumped into the bucket and after that the whole quantity is mixed thoroughly.

A signal shows the end of the mixing process. Both the mixing ratio and the withdrawal quantitiy can be exactly adjusted. The company SCHÄFER Chemische Fabrik GmbH has developed the idea for the construction of the CILLOLIN-automate based on their experience in the handling of coatings.

Advantages of the CILLOLIN-Automate:

  • a ready-for-use and sprayable coating is made of coating concentrate and water
  • settling of the coating in the concentrate bucket is prevented
  • a freshly and homogenously prepared coating, produced according to the adjusted mixture ratio, is always available
  • on request all data of the removal of the coating can be recorded on a memory chip and presented in Excel
  • very safe and easy handling of the automate
  • is conform to the strict ISO-standards due to the fact that the mixture can be produced in unchanging quality independent of operating staff

Parts of the CILLOLIN-Automate:

The CILLOLIN-automate consists of two chambers to ensure the safe production of the sprayable coating:

1. Control Chamber:
The control chamber contains the pneumatic and the electric installations. A keyswitch on the switchgear cabinet enables an authorized
person to individually adjust the mixing ratio and to take out the removal quantity. The operating person has to simply chose the removal quantity or the mixing ratio
out of four possible settings.

Fully Automatic Preparation of the Coating!

2. Wet Chamber:
The wet chamber contains the following components:

  • concentrate bucket
  • dosing pump for water and concentrate
  • three-way valve for the pump conditioning
  • mixer for homogenising the concentrate with water
  • water cup
  • manipulating arm
  • mixing cup

Preserving of the Ceramic Attributes and the Binder!

The front side of the CILLOLIN-automate offers the following functions:

  • emergency button
  • control panel including display
  • compressed air display
  • start-button with illuminated display
  • removal tray including slide door

Safe Removal of the Prepared and Sprayable Coating!


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