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Semi-automatic desanding inside of cylinder head blocks

MAN has been awarded the title “Truck of the Year” for the sixth time in 2006.

<font face="Arial, Helvetivca" size="2">Blasting in the economic turnaround</font>

<font face="Arial, Helvetivca" size="2">The jury was especially impressed by the thoroughness the engineers applied to the development. Freeing the cylinder head blocks from sandy deposits is done equally thoroughly at the truck manufacturer – with a semi-automatic shot blast system by Rösler.<br></font>

<font face="Arial, Helvetivca" size="2">To save manpower and manufacture such that reproduction is possible – right now these are two of the most common demands with regard to cost-effective production. In order to meet</font>

<font face="Arial, Helvetivca" size="2">these requirements in the field of removing residues from the inside of sand cast components (in this case cylinder head blocks of 4 and 6-cylinders) MAN will, in future, replace the manual shot blast process with a semi-automatic procedure in its factory in Nuremberg. Rösler Oberflächentechnik was asked to design a shot blast system which shot blasts the components mentioned with a mass of 25 to 80 kg.</font> 

<font face="Arial, Helvetivca" size="2">Cost savings due to a high throughput rate</font>

<font face="Arial, Helvetivca" size="2">Apart from effective cost savings due to the fact that less personnel is needed, this individual solution offers an eight-times higher component throughput rate.</font> 

<font face="Arial, Helvetivca" size="2">As an all-round supplier, Rösler GmbH is an international market leader in the production of surface finishing, shot blasting machines, painting systems and preservation lines&nbsp; as well as process technology for the rational surface finishing of metals and other components. Besides the German plants in Memmelsdorf and Hausen, the Rösler Group has branches in Great Britain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa and USA.</font>


<font face="Arial, Helvetivca" size="1"><br>Picture: Roesler STD 1400 <br>PS-So to free cylinder head blocks from sandy deposits</font><font face="Arial, Helvetivca" size="2"><br><font size="1">Picture: Cylinder head block before and after desanding</font></font>


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