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Shot-blasting suppliers line up in VDMA

New VDMA working group fosters common interests for the shot-blasting sector

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At its constitutive meeting on October 7th, the VDMA working group for shot-blasting technology officially presented its agenda. "Shot blasting suppliers line up to take care of their matters" declared the incoming spokesman, Ulf Kapitza (Agtos, Emsdetten) of the VDMA working group for shot-blasting technology. This new VDMA platform for suppliers of shot-blasting equipment covers the complete sector technology from turbine-wheel-blasting, air-blasting, dry-ice-blasting and high-pressure-water-jet-blasting. Suppliers of shot-blast media, users of blasting technology as well as research institutes and authorities will be integrated into selected activities.

With specific attention to technical regulation and public relations, the member companies have decided upon a package of measures for the self-determined positioning of the shot-blasting sector in which active technology marketing ranks first. "It is our common goal to establish the perception of shot-blasting as an important technological value added, in the customer industries" summarizes Kapitza, as the result of the consultation among the involved companies. "Shot-blasting suppliers have put too little attention to technology marketing in the past. With mutual marketing, we expect to achieve considerable benefit for this sector."

Dr. Riester from the VDMA department of Surface Treatment Technology sees good potential for this group. "Together with our member companies we will drive the topics of interest to the shot-blasting sector." As a first step for the active representation of interests the sector specific terminology is compiled in a VDMA specification. This reference will simplify technical communication with customers and among the suppliers. Also it may act as a nucleus for the substantial formation of a sector identity. Next activities will be organized in the field of machinery safety, where the requirements for fire and explosions protection in dry filters are of special interest.

In parallel to activities in the field of technical regulation, the working group will do common technology marketing and provide shot-blasting knowledge to user industries.  With general information to terminology, processes and reports providing examples for applications of shot-blasting, a better orientation in the wide-spread field of different shot-blasting technologies is available for the interested user. This information will be supplemented by mutual press work on sector relevant topics and a VDMA symposium on shot-blasting technology (March 25th 2010, Würzburg).

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