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Siempelkamp - Expansion of the blasting shop put into operation at the end of February 2011

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View into the new working halls of the blasting shop

The working halls of the Siempelkamp Foundry's blasting shop have been expanded by approx. 1,500 sqm. Thanks to this expansion, operational processes inside the blasting shop are newly- and thus more efficient organized. Moreover, we benefit from an insertion in the middle tonnage range up to 80 tons.

Now, there are precisely assigned testing stations for the final inspection, further blasting stations and a new 80 t crane system, manufactured and delivered by the Siempelkamp Krantechnik GmbH. For that purpose we now have an additional shot-blasting chamber and an internal transfer vehicle with 80 tons load capacity.

The new social building with break rooms, master craftsmen and foremen offices, toilet facilities and offices for the internal and external inspectors now replaces the old container-scenery on the company grounds. The aisles built in 2006 on the site's border to the machinery and plants works were expanded to the Siempelkampstrasse where first the dilapidated and scantily crane-equipped side aisle of the old hall was torn down.

Another benefit: As a result of the enclosed construction and modern hall technology, immissions in residential surroundings of the Siempelkampstrasse were further reduced.

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