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Simkon G.Ziel GmbH - producer from robot linear-moving-axsis

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Simkon G.Ziel GmbH is producer from robot linear-moving-axsis (7.axsis). From the  beginning with the professional consulting, technical dimensioning, fabrication until mounting  and service we will be your competent contact, when it is needed, to move your Robot.Strong design with high quality, solid and durable components from our linear rail’s is our Trademark.  Robot weight from 50Kg till 9.000Kg and movemend speed ut to 2,5m/sec are possible. Different design’s for handling, welding, painting are available.  Rail performance for floor or wall mounting or hang up from the top are standard to get the  optimal position of the robot in your fabrication.

Simkon Robot linear rails

Simkon G. Ziel GmbH is the producer of robot linear-moving axes (7th axis). When you need to move a robot, we can offer you efficient service for the whole process from the initial professional consultancy, through technical dimensioning and fabrication right up until installation and after-sales service. Our trademark is strong design with high-quality, reliable and durable components for our linear rails.

We can deal with robot weights between 50 Kg and 9.000 Kg and movement speeds up to 2.5m/sec .
Different options for handling, welding and painting are available. Various rail designs for floor, wall or ceiling mounting are offered, so you can choose the optimum position for the robot in your production line.


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