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Situation in Ukraine

The world is watching Ukraine with astonishment and surprise. Since our office is located directly in the center of Kiev, just 500 meters away from the events of the last weeks, we had to take some immediate actions.

Your business in Ukraine, which you trusted to us, is as important for us as the health of each employee of UKRAINE CONSULTING. That is why during the last weeks, we have implemented our emergency plans which enable us to continue supporting your company, to remain always available for you and at the same time, to keep our employees safe and secure. For several days, most of our staff have been working from home with remote access while being fully supported by the core employees working directly in the office. Moreover, further safety measures have been developed. In case of emergency we will be able to move our employees and their families to a temporary office location outside of Ukraine where they can further support you with the best possible quality. As of now, we have implemented all the necessary changes in our servers and back-up systems.

We hope for a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine; however, we are fully prepared for an emergency situation and we will keep working competently even in tough times.

Our thoughts and our sorrow are with the families of the victims in Ukraine.


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