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Improving foundry processes by video? – No question, it’s a good way to gain competitive advantage!

AviX-Screenshot: Resetting process
AviX-Screenshot: Resetting process

IT-systems and simulation tools were well established as tools for foundry optimization within the last few years. However, those tools are often unable to cover whole process chains including settings, core-making, mould- and tool-making, etc...

With AviX® - the no. 1 software-video-analysis-tool for production and products - Solme aims to fill this gap. The originally idea of optimizing production processes by using aggregated standard times developed to become a whole software-family covering tools for balancing workstations and lines and many more. The brand-new module AviX® - Resource Balance even allows to work with variations and variation-mixtures plus the opportunity to add certain resources to a process (machines, manpower...).

If you take longer processes such as die-cast machine settings into consideration, the AviX® - SMED module can be the solution to divide the setting process into internal and external tasks and reduce the whole setting time within a really short optimization period.

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