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SPECTRO - Ergonomic and easy to use

SPECTRO introduces latest generation of Spectrotest Metal Analyzers


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  • Up to four times sample throughput during battery operation

  • New software with integrated user guidance

  • New UV probe for arc and spark operation

SpectroSPECTRO Analytical Instruments has introduced the latest generation of SPECTROTEST mobile metal analyzers. In addition to the instrument's excellent analytical performance, the SPECTROTEST offers an ergonomic design and user friendly operation. In addition, the latest generation is equipped with an efficient plasma generator and a newly designed UV probe, and its field-proven ICAL (Intelligent Calibration Logic) logic system monitors the correct state of the measuring system independently from external influences, eliminating the need for time-consuming recalibration of the spectrometer. Instead, a single control sample is measured.

The device's plasma generator allows users to profit from SPECTROTEST's clearly increased effectiveness: "The plasma generator requires less energy, making it possible to do hundreds of measurements with a single battery charge," reports Marcus Freit, Product Manager for Mobile Metal Analyzers at SPECTRO. "This allows double the number of samples in arc excitation mode and nearly four times the number of samples in spark excitation mode during battery operation."

Suited to Spark and Arc Operation

SpectroIn addition to improvements to the plasma generator, SPECTRO's engineers have designed a new pluggable probe with integrated UV optic for special measurement applications. For the first time, this probe can be used for both spark and arc excitation. Changing of the probes is no longer necessary.

By incorporating a lightweight and robust transport trolley, SPECTRO's design engineers were able to cut the instrument's weight in half. The instrument's new design affords the operator a more fatigue-free and comfortable on site experience. This latest generation metal analyzer additionally features a large 15-inch display that allows measurement results to be easily read, even from relatively long distances.

Ease of use is further supported by new instrument software that even inexperienced users can quickly grasp. The software only shows the user the context-dependent functions required for the current operation. A factory-installed materials library can be optionally extended with the SPECTRO Metal Database, in which nearly all standardized grades of metal in the world have been compiled.

Material Identification as a Standard Application

SpectroAmong its many applications, the SPECTROTEST metals analyzer is especially suited for the identification of low-alloy steels using the carbon content in the rapid arc excitation mode. Possible applications in the spark excitation mode include the analysis of carbon, phosphorous and sulfur as well as the identification of duplex steels using the nitrogen content.

Today, the identification of metal materials is a standard component of quality control in the metal producing, processing and recycling industries. Whether its onsite for incoming materials or used during production or transport, a mobile metal analyzer helps prevent material mix ups from occurring and proves valuable during the sorting and classifying of recycling of metals.

Product Manager Marcus Freit explains: "The SPECTROTEST mobile metals analyzer is the perfect instrument when exact analyses are required, difficult to identify materials are involved, or there are a large number of samples to be measured."

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