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SPECTRO: New Portable Spectroscout XRF Analyzer enables Laboratory - Quality assay Analysis of Precious Metals - Anywhere.

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SPECTRO Analytical Instruments announces the introduction of its new SPECTROSCOUT Portable Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) analyzer that enables the rapid, laboratory-class, assay analysis of precious metals anywhere.

Jewelers, recyclers, and refiners of precious metals and alloys require assay analysis capabilities that fit their challenging business conditions. Affordability is key  as is performance, speed, and accuracy. And yet, at the same time, analytical equipment must be compact to  fit within crowded workspaces and be easy to use.

“Weighing only 11 kilograms and carried with a shoulder strap, the new SPECTROSCOUT portable ED-XRF analyzer meets these challenges with as much analytical power as advanced benchtop laboratory analyzers,” explains Dirk Wissmann of SPECTRO.

“The new SPECTROSCOUT is a small instrument, but a major step forward for end users. Its precision, speed, and portability allows fast, accurate, confident decisions and improves productivity,” Wissmann notes.

The SPECTROSCOUT brings laboratory-class advantages to precious metals assay analysis. The instrument’s reliably accurate readouts can boost confidence for less expert users and reassure customers. First results are displayed after only a few seconds. Higher accuracy can be achieved with longer measuring times. To achieve a high degree of safety, each sample is tested for 21 elements simultaneously.

Overall, the SPECTROSCOUT portable ED-XRF analyzer delivers:

  • Practical Portability and Small Size: The new SPECTROSCOUT is both light weight and configured to carry (11 kg/24.25 lb) as well as compact enough to fit onto crowded counters and benchtops (270 x 306 x 306 mm/10.7 x 12.1 x 12.1 in). Its features include a large sample compartment, X-ray tube, onboard processor, high-yield battery pack, and integrated video camera supporting precise (1 mm) spot testing, plus image storage.

  • Exceptional Performance: The SPECTROSCOUT provides precision and accuracy at a wide range of concentration levels, typically present in precious metals alloys. It also offers rapid (30-300 second) readout. Its performance makes SPECTROSCOUT a superb choice for small shops or portable use, or as an ideal backup system for larger operations.

  • Easy Operation: Ideal for use by personnel with wide variations in education and training, the SPECTROSCOUT features predefined application packages, an intuitive touchscreen interface, simple displays, and only two menu levels.

The new SPECTROSCOUT is highly cost-effective and is backed by AMECARE Performance Services, a global program of proactive maintenance programs, application solutions with access to relevant experts and instrument-specific training.

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